Everybody’s Starry-Eyed

A little about me: I graduated this past summer with my degree in Entrepreneurship from Oklahoma State University. I’m living in a pretty small town, and while I try to start my career I’m playing with photography and other things that I’ve always had an interest in. I take the majority of these pictures in…

White After Labor Day

Here are some shots from a quick evening shoot with Alexis a few weeks back. Details! You can never go wrong with a classic like gold and lace. Southern feels

With Flowers in Your Hair

Last week I spontaneously decided to make a flower crown and Morgan was sweet enough to model it for me for a fun shoot in my backyard. Possibly my favorite shot of the day: Her make up is always on point! And that’s a wrap!

Replanting Basil from Cuttings

This year was my first attempt at a real garden. I started multiple herbs from seed, as well as tomatoes, peppers, and strawberries from starter plants. It’s been a very fruitful (ha) hobby that’s gotten me outside and learning. Although I love caring for every plant in my garden, I think my basil bush is…

Butterfly Rainforest & St. Augustine

Earlier this month I was lucky enough to visit my sister, who recently moved to Gainesville, FL. I didn’t have much to do while she was working, so I spent one afternoon in the Florida Museum of Natural History (conveniently located on the UF campus) visiting their Butterfly Rainforest. It was a beautiful greenhouse filled…